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I am a scientist and part-time photographer, living in Troy, NY. I was born and brought up in India and educated in India and the USA. I have been photographing since my teenage yearsand am largely self-taught in photography, although I've attended several photographic workshops in recent years (learning from Karin Rosenthal, Robert Farber, Elizabeth Opalenik, Ernestine Ruben, Connie Imboden, Christopher James, Craig Barber, George Lepp, Freeman Patterson, Helen Longest-Saccone, Carl Heilman II, Noella Ballenger, Steve Traudt and Alan Lowy). My scientific career have taken me to the far corners of the world (I've worked in the USA, India and Germany and lectured in a dozen countries, including India, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France and the USA), making use of the opportunities for photography these travels afforded. I enjoy both wet and digital darkroom work and also occasionally dabble in charcoal and pastels.

I wear several hats - scientist, photographer, environmentalist, wilderness enthusiast, world traveller, educator, author, music and art afficionado. I am past president, past slide group chair and presently fine arts group chair of the Schenectady Photographic Society and its webmaster, as also webmaster for the Nature Division of Photographic Society of America.

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Political and social dialog today is increasingly being formulated in terms of environment versus development, nature versus civilization, security versus exploitation. But not all of us accept this schism, this antagonistic role, this divorce of human civilization from the natural world. The increasing separation between the human and natural worlds inevitably engenders in us a yearning for the primeval, the pure, the natural. Can we not see ourselves as an integral part of the natural world? And nature as an equally integral part of our human world ? In my photographic images, I strive to bridge this schism, to bring out the essential unity of the human and natural worlds and the simple beauty and joy of their union. Here we see the human figure blending naturally into this natural environment, an integral part of this landscape. I work in a variety of photographic media, traditional black and white silver gelatin prints, infrared film processed and printed in the dark room, color images captured on slide film and images captured, composited, manipulated and printed digitally. I do not see myself as being bound by a particular medium. For me, the medium is secondary to the message. And while this message is not new, it is no less urgent today than it was a hundred years ago.

Being in nature is to me the very essence of my existence: it is as I explore this world, investigating the blending of the human and natural forms, feeling their common pulse and the contrast between their textures. that I feel fully alive, it is when all my senses are alert, it is when I live with my full consciousness. My photography reflects this heightened sensitivity, it is the expression of what I experience in nature. The scientist in me appreciates the marvels of nature and sets the path for my unique vision of the natural landscape; the artist in me expresses my human reactions to the beauty of natural form. Increasingly I see both nature and the figure in terms of light and shadow, line and form.

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