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I work with models of any age, gender, ethnicity or body type. If you would like to model for me, you must:

I only do artistic figure studies, portraiture, soft glamour and environmental figure work. All work is done in a very professional manner. I encourage my models to contribute their creative input into all of my work. The production of a work of figurative art is a team effort between the model and photographer. You must be genuinely interested in the production of a work of art and be willing to do your bit to achieve it; while I do compensate my models, either in cash or in prints, depending upon their abilities and experience, I am not interested in models whose sole motivation is monetary.

Trading modelling time for pictures is an excellent deal for models who want to get more experience and build their portfolios. If you need any particular type of photos, I will work with you to get them. You will receive 8x10 prints of my best images (or quality digitals on a CD, if you prefer, for use in your portfolio for self-promotion, and of course, get exposure on my galleries. Models may not sell or post my images on pay-sites.

If you want to be paid a fee for modelling, you should have a high quality portfolio, good professional references, not have major self-mutilations, disfigurements, large tattoes or permanent body hardware and be able to convince me of your unique abilities. If the images in your portfolio can not compare with those you see here, you need me more than I need you; in this case, please do not expect to be paid for modelling.

A signed model release is required, unless you pay me for both my time and expenses. A limited non-commercial model release suffices in case of time-for-prints exchanges. If you have any restrictions, let me know in advance, so these can be negotiated and incorporated into the model release.

Still undecided? Drop me a line; let us discuss our ideas. I am located in the upstate New York capital district, but often travel to other parts of the world.

Drop me a line to find out more. Fill out this response form. I would love to hear from you.