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We all feel attracted to nature. And by nature we mean the mountains, rocks and landscapes, the forests, trees and plants that grow on them and the wildlife that inhabit them. Nothing can be more graceful than the sight of a bird gliding through the air or a dolphin swimming in the water. This is the essence of natural beauty, the high art of nature. But a human being? Until recently most of my photography consciously separated humans from nature. We tend to think of humans as belonging in cities, as being separate from nature. This reflects the divorce of our human civilization from the natural world. But can it be otherwise? The image of a camera-toting tourist at a national park is not the stuff of high art. But like it or not, we humans are a part of nature, not separate from her. Can we see it thus?

Perhaps it is necessary to shed all vestiges of our civilization in our images before we can truly see humans blending as part of the natural landscape. Join us as we explore this world, investigate the blending of the human and natural forms, feel their common pulse and the contrast between their textures.

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