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I was born and brought up in India, educated in India and the USA and live in Troy, NY. A scientist by training and profession, I have been taking pictures since my teenage years, but photographing the nude in nature since 1998. I enjoy both wet and digital darkrooms, working in a variety of photographic media: traditional black and white silver prints, infrared film, archival alternative processes, color slide film and digital capture. Having worked in the USA, India and Germany, my scientific career and wanderlust have taken me to the far corners of the world. Author, scientist, photographer, environmentalist, wilderness enthusiast, educator, student of music and art, I am also past president, slide chair, webmaster and presently fine arts chair and newsletter editor at the Schenectady Photographic Society and webmaster for the Photographic Society of America's nature and color projected divisions, as well as 2nd vice-chair of the color projected division. I have contributed extensively to several scientific publications, lectured and exhibited on science and photography internationally.

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