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Desert symphony

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The land west of the hundredth meridian in the Unites States is a land of little rainfall. And what little surface water there is shapes everything – from the look of the landscape and the nature of the vegetation to the location, history and population density of human civilization to the character of the people. The twin agents of water and wind sculpt the land in myriad ways, creating fantastic physical forms, exposing millions of years of geology and treating photographer and naturalist alike to some of the most unique features on the face of the earth. Here one can experience some of the clearest skies, some of the hottest days and some of the driest landscapes on the continent. Since I first visited the American southwest on a cross-country road trip a quarter century ago, I have left my soul there and return nearly year – sometimes camping by myself, at other times traveling with models, sometimes on week-long backpacking expeditions into the remote wilderness, and often volunteering with the conservation group Sierra Club on trail-building and environmental projects. Photography has been my faithful companion on all these trips and affords rich possibilities for exploration of the abstract.

These are a few of the images from my invited special presentation to the 9th International Conference of the Photographic Association of Dum Dum in Kolkatta, India, in January 2010. Join me now on this quest in search of the wonders of light and figure in the desert and engage in a visual exploration of this world of abstract forms.









full moon silhouette





aerobics in the desert aerobics in the desert

Model credits: Amber, Andrea, Josephine, Rebecca, Candace, Gabrielle, Ivory Flame, Dominique, Kat, Lisa Marie and Stephanie Anne.

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